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Guatemala Immersions 2016

More than just a traditional healing modality, Ayurveda is a "vision" for life. This vision was not unique to the people of the Indian subcontinent. All over the world different cultures and peoples cultivated lifeways that sought to harmonize the human experience with nature and the divine. Guatemala is a modern stronghold of the traditional wisdom of the Mayan people of Mesoamerica. In the face of modernization and conflict, the Mayan people have preserved and adapted the customs, languages and traditions of their ancestors. This course will offer participants the opportunity to explore the connections between the traditional Mesoamerican worldview and the teachings of Ayurveda. The comparative aspect of this course will look at ceremony, human health and spirit from the perspective of both cultures in order to cultivate a more inclusive relationship to each of these concepts. Students will not only leave with a more thorough understanding of Ayurveda as it was traditionally practiced in the Vedic paradigm but also with a connection to the vision that was lived in the Americas as well.

Casa del Pensativo

February 1-13th
Non Residential Immersion

Personal Investment of $800

स्वस्थ Swastha: Foundations of Personal Health
Ayurveda and Yoga Self Care Immersion

Ayurveda Abroad Presenters Balarama Chandra and Luis Alvarado

This is an introduction to the lifestyle and basic health practices presented by Ayurveda and Yoga for anyone who is interested. You do not need to have previous experience with Ayurveda or Yoga to attend this course. Despite it’s formulation for those new to Ayurveda, this course will have tremendous depth and knowledge capable of maturing and inspiring anyone on any level of practice. You will practice basic movement technique, breath work, awareness development, unique self care, traditional Ayurvedic food preparations and Indigenous Arts. You will leave with confident knowledge and practice of living the Ayurvedic way.

This course is an excellent foundation for continued study of Ayurveda and can be coupled with the February 15-27th immersion in San Marcos for a combined discount price of $1400.

Antigua is a Unesco Heritage site preserving Spanish Baroque Architecture, settled amidst powerful Volcanic mountains. It is a must see Central American city popular with international travelers for Spanish Language immersion. Choosing this course to be centered in Antigua, students have the opportunity to easily book their own Housing and arrange their own meals according to their personal needs and comfort levels. Our school location is centrally located and easily walkable from most accommodations. As a group, we have scheduled touring to local sites and presentations by local artists. Our own educator Luis Alvarado has lived and worked in Guatemala for many years and is one of the best resources available for Guatemala we know!


Getting to Antigua: From La Aurora you can take a tourist bus to Antigua, Guatemala. It costs 20 USD and can be booked in the exit after leaving customs but before exiting the airport. It's 45 mins. to an hour to the airport to Antigua.

Contact for Registration, travel and lodging recommendations


The Sanctuary

San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan

February 15-27
Non- Residential Immersion

Personal Investment of $800

Elements of the Beautiful
Ayurveda and Yoga Self Care Immersion

Ayurveda Abroad presenters Balarama Chandra and Luis Alvarado

Ayurveda आयुर्वेद is not a new or old system to be implemented but is a “Vision” of the simple universal systems which are already present in our personal life and the environment around us. Life is composed of beautiful sets of patterns or rhythms which we can attune ourselves for optimal health. In this immersion we dive into the deep lake of relationship with the natural elements to align to those universal patterns and rhythms. Daily, we participate in Ayurvedic Yoga and Awareness Practices, Learning therapeutic Ayurvedic theory and engagement in the tactile arts of Cooking, Weaving, and Pottery. This immersion is focused on living Beauty, speaking the language of Divinity, creating arts of the Senses, and the Dreaming of a delicious Life—All amidst the central axis of the universe known as Lake Atitlan.

Although this immersion can be taken independently, it is best attended with previous experience with Ayurveda or Holistic healing arts. It is specifically, designed to be added to the February 1-13th course in Antigua which will allow students to immerse themselves in Ayurveda for the entire month of February. Both can be reserved for the discounted price of $1400. As a non residential retreat, students have the opportunity to select their own accommodations according to likes and financial ability. This gives the opportunity to independently live and eat locally to the Sanctuary- our school for the immersion. San Marcos is a small community yet well equipped with accommodations of all levels and food options for any dietary needs. Daily Schedule starts with a technical 2 hour Ayurvedic Yoga session each morning, followed by a 1.5 hour break for breakfast. After breakfast we meet for a two hour lecture with long break for lunch and we recommence in the afternoon for 2-4 hours of education and artistic engagement. The schedule will adjust slightly with elemental influences such as Sunrise, Sunset, natural Weather, and small trips. Students will be taught Sankhya, Intro to Sanskrit, Element and Dosha Theory, Diagnosis, Ayurvedic Yoga, Breath and Awareness practices, Ayurvedic Cooking and Herbs, and approaching arts through an Ayurvedic Lens. Local guest teachers and presenters will attend on specific days to interweave local Guatemalan perception of Health and Arts. The group demographics will naturally have an impact on the depth of material presented and we aspire to serve the group as a whole to bring everyone to clearer vision of Ayurveda through technical knowledge and increased sensitivity. Our Days will be full.


Getting to San Marcos: the easiest way to get to San Marcos is to take a tourist microbus from Antigua to Panajachel and then a boat from Panajachel to San Marcos. There are many companies that offer shuttle service to Panajachel and then the public boat goes frequently to San Marcos.

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